EmPower Pod: Invigorating your life 'mojo'.
Small Group Coaching - low cost coaching that works

EmPower Pod

Would you like to be doing MORE of what makes you authentically happy? 

Would you like to stay connected with your intuition? 

Many of us want to create healthier relationships, get through challenges in a healthy way, seek ‘midlife’ meaning and cultivate greater inner peace.  But 1:1 therapy and coaching is expensive.

How?  I'm hosting Empower Pods – a group of 7 for women only. 

The pods are a confidential, committed, connected community without suckyness or kumbayah or fakeness.

Get a regular dose of sustenance that will really feed you.  


My job is organising and facilitating, assisting with goal setting and keeping progress happening. 


Benefits of Joining 

The chance to focus on YOU and experiment with what makes you happier, confident and empowered.

Clarity – (not Fear) - Overwhelm stops people from staying focused and making great decisions. Your EmPod will keep you committed and supported.

Connection and belonging - Do you want more meaningful connection with like - minded people? Imagine the difference a group committed to your progress can make.

Courage - Do you  want to make a significant change but lack the support and courage to get going? ‘Courage Cheerleaders’ will have your back and keep you accountable.

Compassion – The Pod is a safe place to process challenges and get real feedback – from others who want to help you. Try on/try out new ideas confidentially.

Knowledge and practice in how to really support another person’s goals.

A ‘courage and brains trust’. This is NOT 1:1 therapy, nor is it group therapy. It is group coaching and focussed attention. Coaching requires defined goals, and you’ll get help to make the goals achievable. You’ll also receive some personal coaching from Margo. You will have an amazing opportunity to kick some personal goals and sort out some issues.

You will be offered group ‘focused attention’ – very powerful meditative energy.

2020 Pod Theme:

Updating Your Life Mojo

A book to support this theme is offered: Pussy: a Reclamation, Regena Thomashauer (available as an Audible download, Kindle or old fashioned paper book). This is a very stimulating book – some will say outrageous. You are encouraged to read/listen to it but it is NOT essential. We will also be leaning on the findings of the power of eight research – see 

The Power of Eight, Lynne Mc Taggart. This research backs the focussed attention part of each session.


What you get


  • Personal help with setting goals via structured questions & 30 min x personal support from Margo.

  • Optional 10 mins/ month individual phone support from Margo. That’s 30 mins on top of 30 mins goal session.

  • Total 12 hours online group coaching and up to one hour individual time with Margo.

  • Prepared content, meetings, and post-meeting reflections.

  • Guided online impactful group coaching with potent meditations each meeting.

  • 8 x facilitated online meetings 1.5hrs with your private online community to connect and engage with.

  • Opportunity to speak at length & receive valuable feedback each meeting.

  • Check-ins between meetings with your accountability buddy.

  • New friends to connect with and deep understandings about the universality of issues. 

Details, Dates and Commitments

Two online meetings per month for 12 weeks – ie 7 online meetings in total.

 7.30 – 9pm evenings. You’ll need wifi and a screen like an iPad or laptop with audio.


Dates for 2020

NEXT group starts Monday  27th Jan 2020

No 1: 27th Jan Monday nights: 27 Jan; 3 Feb; 10 Feb; 2 March; 16 March; 30 March; 6th April.

No 2. 26th Feb Wed nights: 26th Feb; 4 March; 11th March; 25th March; 8 April; 22 April; 6 May; 20 May.


Your commitment

Plan to attend all meetings. You can be anywhere in the world if you have wifi.

Create manageable goals for yourself for 12 week period. You’ll be supported in this. Share the goals with the pod.

Join the closed FaceBook group and report in it each week as a minimum.

Talk, text, meet up. Help each other as ‘courage cheerleaders’ in between meetings and support each other’s goals.

Take up if you wish, the opportunity to be ‘in the spotlight’ once during the 12 weeks. ‘In the spotlight’ means you get the entire group focussing on you energetically and for a ‘brains trust’ perspective. It is a powerful and beautiful experience.

Registration and Payment

Email me (margo@margofield.com.au) and agree to the commitment (see above).  

Pay your invoice by the due date. 

The group numbers are limited to @ 7 plus Margo. I will match people to a group. 

NUMBERS are strictly limited. 


$649 incl GST paid in one invoice ($11 discount) OR

$330 incl GST x 2 invoices. Payable before start and at 6 week mark. 

You agree to pay both invoices on time and are liable for both invoices whether you attend all sessions or not. 

Receipts are presentable as a tax deduction for professional development. 


Meeting structure

After the first meeting. 


7.30 – 7.40pm     Meditation tune up /tune in.

7.40 – 8:00pm     Each member offers a brag, a grateful and a desire. 

8.00 – 8.40pm     Each member reports back to the group on their goals and progress and issues. 

General discussion around the theme and setting of following week home practices to reach your goals.

8.40 – 9pm          In the spotlight session. One person gets specific group energy support and resourcing. 

9pm                    Close and goodbye

Typical comments from groups

“The people I connected with in this group have become ‘my people. They've created a safe space for me to explore my dreams, desires and even my uncertainties. Their support is indescribable & irreplaceable.”

“I’ve become close to some people in my pod and this has been great for me. We will continue to connect up”.

 “The power circle helped me gain a clearer and crisper focus on my goals and desires in my work. I feel more confident as a result of the power circle.”  

Get Unstuck Quickly, Whoever You Are

Margo is an ‘unsticker’. She is ‘at home’ providing coaching and solution oriented counselling in the workplace, to individuals, couples, in small groups, and in giving keynote presentations to large audiences.