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Meditation & Biofeedback

Relaxed & Bright 'Inside Job' Technologies

Every religion and spiritual tradition has meditation in some form. Breathing exercises, quiet reflection, singing, chanting, mantras, prayer, rituals and ceremonies. They are ways or technologies for reaching different states of being.

Being ‘in the zone’ or flow, feeling calm and having perspective, self regulating, are all optimised states in which to tackle daily life.

Whether or not you consider yourself religious or spiritual, it’s worth learning how to train your mind so you can access optimised states of performance. The question is, how do you do this?


Relaxed & Bright 'Inside Job' Technologies

Meditation is a very accessible way to quieten down your analytical busy mind. It is free and you can do it anywhere, anytime. You can meditate right now. You don’t need to go to anywhere special.

Meditation enables you to tap into a state of quiet resourcefulness, stillness and reflection that you can keep with you throughout your day. It is no surprise that so much research on meditation shows it increases creativity, curbs stress and anxiety, and increases lasting happiness. (just google it – there are thousands of links to the benefits of meditation.

Regular meditation helps everyone be less reactive. Negativity is replaced with positivity – more options become available.You walk around with your own technology to increase your happiness and relaxation.There are many forms of meditation including breath focus meditations, self-observation meditations, mantra meditations, active walking meditations, body scanning, guided imagery and so on.Finding your own set of meditations that work for you is very valuable.

I generally recommend people begin meditating for 5 minutes every day. Consistency is more important than meditating for extended periods of time.

Sometimes we can be unsure that we are not doing meditation correctly, or be unsure of the benefits. This is where biofeedback training is invaluable. It puts you in an optimised state of mind and keeps you on track.

Biofeedback - Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training

HRV training teaches you to consciously synchronize your brainwaves and heartbeat, which puts you into a state of being relaxed and bright(not relaxed and sleepy or dull). It is closely related to meditation, but HRV training gives you real-time feedback on your mobile phone or ipad or other device so you know when you are improving.

You can train your heart rate variability and track your results with an HRV biofeedback sensor like the HeartMath© devices that I sell and train people with.


Feedback with a device lets you know what you’re doing and allows you to build a resourceful relaxed and bright state fast.

Service Offerings

Individual or group training in biofeedback or meditation – price on application.

Monthly meditation pod – 7.30 – 9pm AEST in Macedon or online attendance possible.

Workplace based training – price on application.

Get Unstuck Quickly, Whoever You Are

Margo is an ‘unsticker’. She is ‘at home’ providing coaching and solution oriented counselling in the workplace, to individuals, couples, in small groups, and in giving keynote presentations to large audiences.

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