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The Strategic Plan of You (T-SPY)

T-SPY The Strategic Plan of You

Get out of your own way.
Create a fun and purposeful ‘life of your dreams’
That’s a big bold promise, isn’t it?
Yup! Which is why this program facilitates you, for you.

We work through this together in a structured yet personalised way.

Although there is a formula it is very much tailored to you. Each session builds on the previous activities, where you are ‘at’ and on removing your personal roadblocks.

You will get tools to help you. During the program there are very important accompanying homework activities, worksheets and tools. And you won’t be alone – support in between sessions is available.


Be The Best You

An upgraded version of you.

This may cover all areas of your life or just some – eg work, family, relationships, health.

Happy. Productive. On Purpose.

A plan for how to get to the life you want and support to make it happen.

Having a plan and being accountable makes all the difference.

Being coached to get the plan and enact it ensures you make it happen.

No Putting It Off!

Clarity about who you are and what you ideally bring to the world.

Re-useable tools that really work – neuroscience based visualisations, research backed goal creation tempered with flow and intention ‘work’.

A comprehensive ‘personality’ profile (worth $60) using Fascinate; a personalised accountability tool and personalised hypnosis/ meditations where needed.

Duration: 10 – 12 weeks

Fee: $1900 – $2600 + GST

Get Unstuck Quickly, Whoever You Are

Margo is an ‘unsticker’. She is ‘at home’ providing coaching and solution oriented counselling in the workplace, to individuals, couples, in small groups, and in giving keynote presentations to large audiences.

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