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I've recently had to pull myself up about resenting the ageing process and what comes with it. It’s causing me to reset what I do and how I do things. I dont like the wrinkles I see or the way my muscles underperform compared to just a few years ago. UGGHH.

What has helped me is remembering that I LOVE BEING ALIVE and that means sucking it up re the ageing process.

Being alive! Yay to that! how lucky am I that I’m healthy and can have a life that includes travel and learning in my 60’s. I dont have to like ageing but I can choose to do my best at maintaining my health and celebrate my good fortune. This is a counterweight to the resentment.

So this got me thinking about other things I feel entitled to and how I need to stop that.... I have felt resentful because of an entitlement to an apology, the lack of an invitation, not getting a contract or job that Ive applied for and so on.... what about you?

The author and international speaker Caroline Myss talks about other kinds of entitlement.

“Divine entitlements include: The belief that bad things won’t happen to you because you are a good person; You don’t get sick, other’s do; Your child is special, therefore, ordinary events such as accidents and illnesses will never happen to your child; You are entitled to special protection from your God because, well, because you were born for something special – you just know it.”

Does any of this feel familiar to you? Entitlements are made up rules, they are destructive. They will make you feel bad. They will create unhappiness. They are accompanied by resentment. Not good.

Above is a photo of me with wrinkles, no make up and aching bits and doing my best to enjoy life.

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