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The other day I walked to my local cafe and decided to treat myself to ‘bought lunch’. I felt guilt arise. Should I be squandering my money this way when i had food in the fridge at home? Was i just lazy? It got me thinking…. I was feeling guilty for doing the very thing I needed to do to feel vital and refreshed for an afternoon with clients. YIKES! Guilt is a sneaky, yucky, punitive feeling. We learn guilt through our perception of how others respond to us – it is not necessarily about truth or what will really ‘serve’ you.

What if it was a much bigger issue?? Like feeling guilty about life direction? What happens when we feel a little bit guilty every day? Our bodies store guilt unless we shake it off – muscle stiffness, poor digestion for example. Check what you are telling yourself and feeling. What is your ‘story’? Does it need an update?

My lunch was delicious. I had lovely little conversations with the gorgeous vibrant cafe staff. I felt refreshed and nourished. And I updated my story…. It doesn’t serve me to have a tough work ethic or an uptight belief about money. Having the space to create new updated beliefs and behaviours is liberating.

We all have a path to live and enjoy. My services provide unsticking and encouragement to connect you to your liberated path.

Margo Field recently has been a CEO and now runs her coaching and advisory business Feel welcome to be in touch with her:

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