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Many of the solutions to our problems are simple. But alas, simple doesn’t mean easy. When people say getting healthy is as easy as exercising 40 minutes per day x 5 days per week, we know this might be true. Yet what happens if you don’t have the motivation to workout? The problem isn’t, “I don’t know how to get healthy”, it is, “I don’t know how to motivate myself to get healthy”, which is a different problem you need to solve. Fix the right problems! Most people on this planet have dealt with getting fat, not looking their best, feeling unhappy, feeling lost, feeling sad, not feeling to be good enough, not feeling like they belong, not feeling loved, not feeling funny enough, not feeling stable enough – you name it. But smart people hunt down solutions. Solutions can include: Accepting that emotional health is an ‘inside’ job. Decide to look after this part of you daily. Create routines every day where you work on your specific emotional battle. Figure out where the real problems are and fix them. (Knowledge isn’t the problem, implementing is). P.S : A tip I personally practice is to create a sneaky little routine and build from it… and repeat…Make it small. For example; I often need exercise in the afternoon to freshen up my energy, but it is too cold right now where I live to feel inspired to be outside. (I already exercise in the morning but a day of sitting is not good). So I do something fun that is ENERGISING. It is a manageable personal commitment – dance in the loungeroom each day to happy music– I only commit to 2 songs but that little goal of 10 minutes dancing often extends because it is fun. If you want a tip, I use tracks from

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