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Hello fellow humans- have you ever had a crisis that had a long-lasting impact on you and it changed you completely?. When you exit a dark night of the soul, you discover that something is always taken away from you (for the better), such as your beliefs, your perceptions, your former meaning in life, the way you work, a relationship or a way of being that was no longer working. A DNS (dark nights of the soul) happens in everyone’s life. It arises when an aspect of your life is already unworkable or dysfunctional. It stops you for a vital reason. DNS are also ingenious (albeit overwhelming) experiences that take us ‘out of commission’ for crucial reasons…. Eg in response to exterior and interior conflicts that destabilize us. Eg. A betrayal. They alert us to take on a new way of being, or break through and make things right in our world again. A great teacher of mine, comedian Swami Beyondananda has a wonderful expression here…. “the truth will upset you free!” – that’s a really bg part of a DNS. LOST at a deep level, and feeling the very sharp side of a truth. “Dark nights” happen to everyone, but there’s a special kind of dark night of the soul for people who have to put on a happy face in their working life. This especially includes business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs who ride both the highs and lows of self employment. So often, people don’t want to reveal what they’re really going through, so they present a phony veneer of easy, abundant success that obscures the truth. (Have you been there?) What are the “dark nights” of the soul? What is their purpose? Is it depression? How do you get out of the dark nights of the soul and what not to do. So, if you are an entrepreneur or consultant of some sort and the DNS is about your worldly success, it will likely have a very specific punch in the guts. Because many businesses are about obscuring the owners ‘interior’ emotional experience and the business may thrive on that basis. You can then feel like a fake, which makes you feel even worse. What can you do? – It is so useful to get real help to talk it through, not only from trusted friends but also from an experienced outsider. – It is also vital to keep up strong self-care. – Allow time to re imagine and renew. Take a hike, be in nature, relax in a café and read / view inspiring material Because the gift of a DNS is a rebirth of some or parts of your life. It is a spiritual enricher (although it doesn’t feel like that whilst you are in it). Be aware though, DNS are NOT the same as major depression – this condition needs very specific help. (

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