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Couples Counselling


Relationships are hard.... I can help

Are you feeling hopeless and stuck about your relationship?

"I feel like we're just good housemates who co parent"


Are you repeating the same arguments over and over again and NOTHING changes.?


Has trust been broken by an affair or a 'deal breaker' like gambling or overdrinking or some other addiction?


How is your sex life? Are you having a happy intimate life? 

Is the passion missing? 

Are you losing hope about the future of the relationship because nothing seems to have worked to bring the magic back?


If you relate to any of these questions then there is hope.... it is possible to turn around stuck relationships. 

All couples are welcome - gay, straight, long term, new relationships. 

People wanting to be in a relationship but scared of old patterns. 


"Margo is great with both men and women - she is a straight talker - no BS. "

Fee: $242 incl GST 


Join here for a free 10 minute phone consultation to check if I'm the right fit for you. 

Get Unstuck Quickly, Whoever You Are

Margo is an ‘unsticker’. She is ‘at home’ providing coaching and solution oriented counselling in the workplace, to individuals, couples, in small groups, and in giving keynote presentations to large audiences.

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