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‘You look great today’ and other ways to say ‘I love you’

It’s Human Beings 101 to want to be loved, and there are many ways to say ‘I love you’.

I was recently in a biggish car smash. I’m fast recovering and feeling blessed to be resilient and calm in an emergency. Yay for me.

The accident has provided many opportunities for personal reflection, and in particular it has invited me to notice and appreciate the many ways in which people say: I love you, I care, I’m sorry, I appreciate you.

It can be way too big and confronting to say the words ‘I love you’. I’ve started to notice how much we show love in other ways. My parents used to own an old fashioned petrol service station , which I spent a lot of time in as a kid. I remember a few customers would honk their horns as they drove past. It was their way of connecting and saying, “hello I care about you”.

I decided to make a list of the ways people receive and provide love.

Some of the ways people show love

  1. A warm and connecting smile.

  2. Giving undivided attention by listening fully.

  3. Giving space and encouraging self-care. (So many people are terrible at looking after themselves.)

  4. Messages via text or social media, including things that make the other person smile.

  5. Personal deliveries of flowers, cake or soup at your door.

  6. Encouraging words in a social media post.

  7. Helping you get appointments with your favourite health professionals.

  8. Waving at you when you are out and about.

  9. Encouraging words such as 'you look great today'.

  10. Providing useful practical information. (For me, recently, this was about car insurance.)

  11. Meditating or praying for the ideal outcome for a person or situation. (Healing circle mediations are great BTW, so feel welcome to ask me about a weekly group I belong to that does this).

  12. Being available for coffee or a walk or a phone chat.

Can you add to this list? Keep an eye out over the next few days for signs of love: receiving and providing it.

And thank you for the love that has been shown to me. I am very grateful. 

Margo x

P.S. I am still open for business and taking bookings. Check out my fees and availability here. 

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